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Sun Root Flower

The Sun Root Plant

The Sun Root (also known as a sun choke) is what is call a "tuber". It is a tuber of a variety of perennial flower, which is a close relative of the sunflower. The Sun Root grows from tuber and produces "inulin", a fructose polymer. The plant stores the inulin in its stem until it flowers. When it flowers, the inulin is then trans located to the tuber.

Fresh tubers are comprised of approximately 20% starch of which 75% of those starches are sugars, primarily inulin a fructose polymer. Inulin is directly fermentable in warm water with special yeasts. Ethanol yield of 28 gallons per ton of fresh tubers is normal. Tubers yield 20 tons per acre on less than prime soil. The tubers yield should produce 600 gallon of ethanol per acre per harvest.

Tubers can be harvested after 125 frost-free days. The tops have dried and are removed. The harvest schedule is determined by the needs of the ethanol plant. Tubers store well in the ground so they are not used until needed. Sun Root can grow well on land not suitable for normal food crops. They are extremely drought and pest resistant ant very inexpensive to grow as compared to corn and is also less expensive to process than corn.

Sun Root Plant

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